Authentic Hospitality


About the owner:
I always felt when serving someone that I must take personal responsibility for their experience.

Whether I am working on a small catering job or a large wedding party, each person at each party must be treated with the upmost respect and professionalism. I always worked for other people but had to see the job though the eyes of an owner. Now my training is being put to the test.

My love for Italian food began in a small town in Lindenhurst Long Island. Once a week the family would take us to eat out at one of the many Italian eateries around town. When I got older I left home and moved to Manhattan, while in college I had to work bussing tables at Miss Grimbles on 74th and Columbus Ave. After a week, I found a job waiting tables at Pannarellas Italian Restaurant on 84th and Columbus Ave.

I worked every day, 7 days a week and loved everything about the Italian style of cooking and the passion of Manhattan people. I found my niche. That was it. No more school. I just dug into that job for 10 years.

During the summertime I would work on Fire Island at La Dock French restaurant then back to Manhattan for fall & winter. The owners of La Dock decided to move to North Carolina and open up Margaux’s restaurant and asked me if I would like to come along. Now married with one son I thought it was a good time to move out and try something new. Still wishing I could own my own Italian place one day, I worked several jobs at restaurants around town: Margaux’s, Brasa the Brazilian Steak House and Red Monkey. It only took me 20 years in North Carolina but here I am still working strong with the same values as when I first started. Love happiness and smiles though the flavors I grew up with and a great wine.